Monday, June 1, 2009

Studying and Hard Work Usually Pays Off...

...but sometimes it's who you know.
Today was report card day for a lot of the Mosul schools. We found this little darlin' walking home crying her eyes out over her report card. She was really inconsolable. Some quick questioning revealed that she cares very much about school, her grades are very important to her, and her injured hand had kept her from class the last couple of days dedicated to review before final exams. She was really devastated.
So my good friend, LTC "Amin," walked her back to the school to have a chat with her teachers and see if he could, uh, influence them to grade on a curve. End result: the little girl will be able to re-take her exams after some study/review time, the National Police win over one more heart and mind, and the school administrators stay out of traction. Everybody wins.


  1. That's the feel good story of the day.

    I wonder if Amin could visit my son's school...

  2. That is sooo good! On a bunch of levels.

  3. Agree with Hammer, completely.