Monday, June 1, 2009

Drifting Off Azimuth A Wee Bit

The intent of this blog is not to provide a pictographic travelogue of my year in Iraq, although the last couple weeks posting pictures has been about the extent of my blogging efforts.
The Coalition and our ISF brethren are feverishly trying to set conditions for success after 30 June (the date by which the US-Iraqi Security Agreement mandates that we move out of the cities and urban areas, and constrains even more the US' participation in security operations; this date and its implications are worthy of their own post...later).
So, most of my reading and writing has been relegated to PowerPoint CONOPs and most of my "deep thinking" has been in the vein of "what's around the next corner" and "is there anything over there that might detonate on our collective ass."
Hopefully, I'll be able to start reading and writing a little more soon; til then, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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