Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Note To Mr. Smith

Sorry, I don't know how I did it (although I think the official, IT term of art is "fumble-fucking around"), but I deleted your comment. It wasn't my intent, nor do I have any objections to anything you wrote. As you intend to address the subject on The Captain's Journal, I'll continue the dialogue with you either from here or at your blog as a commenter, if I can figure it out.

On the commenting, I registered, and no password came up on the registered e-mail for a couple of hours. I tried to re-register, and the registration screen said that that user-name (Boss Mongo) was already in use (which it hadn't said the first time I registered, so I think the user it was referring to was me). As of today, still no e-mailed password. If it doesn't come through by tonight, I'll try to re-re-register, probably as "Mongo, Computer Super Genius."

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