Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Entries

-Haven't been able to post too much. Everyone is girding his loins for 30 JUN (as I wrote before, this event deserves its own post, my goal is to get to it before 30 JUN).
-I'm not a gourmand, but Hammer is killin' me with the chow recipes. Baked potato soup, mmm...Dinner here tonight was coffee, candy bars, and beef jerky. Actually, it was pretty good.
-The gym here is a 15 minute walk (at an EIB pace) away. This means that I've got to factor in an extra half-hour for any workout. Workout time is scarce, so it's a pain. Worse, that extra 30 minutes starts the siren sound of weakness "blow off the workout" singing in the back of my head. Max Lumber squared me away with a tire and a sledge hammer. The tire is a BFT--Big F'ing Tire; I couldn't tell you how much it weighs (muy pesado), but it comes almost to my clavicle when stood up and has "front loader/grader" stamped into the side. 25 minutes alternating banging away with the sledge and flipping the tire will set your mind right and induce shaking, sweating, and nausea. Good stuff.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you liked the recipe.

    I'll give you a hint..if you're in a bind for ingredients instant mashed potatoes and instant soup mix can make an analog of the recipe that is still pretty damnned good.

    I used to have a BFT when I was a kid those things are a good workout but mostly I liked rolling it over my unsuspecting friends.