Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Not Proud, But...

...I'm thinkin' that, were it me, I'd pretty much keep this under wraps.

1. Sorry about the whole "depression" thing, Fifi, now sit and stay while I go get my shotgun.

2. The Dog Breed encyclopedia says that the standard poodle can get up to 80 pounds, so maybe Fifi is getting a bad wrap as an absurb French lapdog; apparently a "real" (standard) French Poodle can kick some ass when it wants to.

Oops, 80-pound poodle Fifi is not. Instead Fifi is a Maltese Bichon. You can see Cujo's little cousin here. "Mauled" is a physically impossible descriptor.

Like I said, I'd've kept this one out of the papers & made up a story about a Grizzly Bear or something.

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