Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Enough for the Bad Guys, Apparently

I was going to write a series of posts on the Mumbai atrocities and haven't gotten around to it (not making effective use of my copious amounts of leisure time). However, this article offered some perspective on one of my yet-to-be-written posts.

Apparently, the ol' faithful Lee-Enfield is making a come-back amongst the Taliban. This was the WWI-era weapon that was disparaged by Indian authorities trying to justify why their police in Mumbai were too scared--I mean outgunned--to actually try to, you know, protect and serve.

There is nothing wrong with a bolt action rifle. The shooter has a much better chance of winning an engagement at any type of distance against someone with an AK that's on full auto. The bullet will put a man down hard, even if the shot doesn't hit a lethal area of the target. The "outgunned" excuse is one of the most pathetic rationalizations I've seen for police inaction in Mumbai.

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