Monday, February 22, 2010

Criticism Where Criticism is Due

Fuck. Sackcloth. Ashes. Hairshirt. Scourge. This report on the "Quiet Professionals" serving in Afghanistan is comprehensively damning. Recommend that you go to the link, watch the video provided there, and then read the article in full, to include the comments.
There are plenty of arguments I could bring up in extenuation or mitigation of the condemnations provided in the link. But still.
The only comment I will make, to all those who condemn USASOC for "allowing" this video to be published is this: The military has no control, no vetting, no screening, no censorship over the press once the press has gained access an event, unless there is something classified in the report. In other words, the only control the military has is the binary option of whether to admit access. After that, the press can slice and dice it however they want. Punto.
So, the silver lining is that DoD had enough confidence in its SF troopers to allow 60 Minutes three months of embedded access. The downside is that it was this particular team.
Without seeing the other four thousand hours of video taken, all I can say is: Epic Fail

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