Sunday, February 14, 2010

CDR Salamander's Epic Win, And...

As far as I know, CDR Salamander was the instrumental guy in bringing to justice this douche-nozzle buttscab: a guy who figured that he could go out in public representing himself as the ultimate warrior.
The guy was wearing US Army dress mess, with rank declaring him a Brigadier General. Because, you know, there are so many twenty-somethings that attain the rank of BG; I'm sure the little soul-patch facial hair was what swayed the promotion board. Take a look at the mess jacket: this cat had awards that even Han Solo didn't have.
Okay, so, dude misrepresents and steals valor, dude gets prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act, and all is right with the world.
Watch the video at the link. My only addition to the conversation on this nifty rad hepcat is this:
Note how on the video, the intrepid investigative news team bangs on the door, and confronts a Military Age Male who states that that guy doesn't live at that address. Now look at his hat: it's the official CIA ball cap that you can buy at the gift shop at Langley.
"No, Mr. Reporter, I'm not the guy misrepresenting himself as Super Trooper. Nope, I'm Mr. Super Spy Guy. James Bond, Jack Bauer, they've got nothing on me, man." Too bad the news crew wasn't quick enough off the mark to pick up on that.

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