Thursday, April 1, 2010

"We Don't Anticipate That," or, Consummate Professionalism

Now, see, this is why Boss Mongo isn't allowed to brief Congress. I've done the staff work. I've created the briefs. I've been the sole subject matter expert that can explain the whole shebang to the briefing officer. But under no circumstances have I ever been allowed to actually be the guy testifying. 'Struth, there is wisdom in that. I can guarantee you that my response--voluntary or involuntary--could in no way have matched the deadpan professionalism of this outstanding admiral.

H/t Powerline


  1. My unit almost had to send up a serious incident report...I had a suicidal ideation just watching this video.

  2. Hey, c'mon, I'm sure that great orators like Cicero and Seneca had moments like this. Must've been "no-caffeine" Wednesday or something.

  3. We need to start drug testing political "leaders".