Sunday, October 3, 2010

Knives, Watches, Guns, and Shoes

I'll never be a fashion trend-setter. My kids have to be cattle-prodded to go to market with me when I'm in my "shopping attire"--basically monkey-feet, MC-Hammer looking 1980's weightlifter pants, either a wife-beater t-shirt or an old flannel shirt with collar and sleeves ripped off, and of course, the ubiquitous man-purse. It's a fashion look I choose to call "Bohemian Steroid," and the eye-rolling it induces from my progeny is worth every penny I (don't) spend to achieve my sartorial splendor.
Still, there's some stuff that you've got to pay for if you want the product to "get it right." Knives, watches, guns and shoes are personal items I won't short on. In the interest of ensuring I've got the right tool for the job, I'll make my wife nuts with the price I'm willing to pay. Conversely, I'll usually do a pretty good job at ensuring that I don't confuse "want" with "need." If a $60 G-shock will give me the functions and reliability I need, I'm good with it.
But I can understand somebody wanting to pay a little extra to add some bling to the functional tool for which they are paying. Hey, if you want to shell out an extra $150 bucks for the Suunto you want instead of the G-shock you need, knock yourself out. It's a free country.
Still, are these guys asking almost 90 grand for a watch? And people pay that? Okay, I don't know what a tourbillion is, but still...

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  1. 90k is kind of at the low end of the blingometer. Not only do people pay these prices, if it's a limited run they are sold out before the run is complete. Kind of like waiting for hmmmm, let's say a BaliHai, only way different. So here is a bit of history about the tourbillon thanks to wikipedia. And being a Mungadai I found a timepiece that you the leader of the Mungadai should probably be investing in. How can you pass up on the Genghis Khan Tourbillon? It's only 500k and yeah, yeah, yeah it will only get your needle to the halfway point on your blingometer, but you gotta start somewhere!...Voodoo