Monday, May 24, 2010

Who Dares, Wins

In military service, there is often friction between the soldiers and the warriors.
In this particular instance, the warriors won.


  1. "As Andy McNab, the SAS hero of the first Gulf War who is now a bestselling author, puts it: ‘There is a very strong feeling from the guys on the ground in Iraq and now in Afghanistan that we have made a mistake by running our wars from 3,000 miles away"

    Ya think?

  2. tgace: I like McNab. Would recommend though, if you haven't already done it, reading McNab's Bravo Two Zero back-to-back with Chris Ryan's The One That Got Away. Ryan acts as cool, skeptical brake on McNab's zeal. An interesting take on the same mission from two teammates and putative friends.
    (Sorry it took so long to respond to your comment; I've been out of pocket for a couple/three weeks).