Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Rock For His Pillow

Street scenes from today's operations are posted over on the team blog.

One mentionable from today: we hung out for a while near the, ah, domicile of a propane vendor. Because the power grid is notoriously unreliable, most Iraqis cook with propane. Vendors drive their motorized mules around town hawking their wares. Propane tanks also make great IED canisters. So you can imagine our joy (and the little spritz of adrenaline) every time one of these babies turns the corner and starts ambling toward you. Good stuff.

The vendor and his family pretty much just own the mule, the propane tanks they sell, and the clothes on their backs. That's it. Here you can see the wire mesh pallet on which the family sleeps. Note the outdoor cradle for junior (as always, you can click to enlarge the picture).


  1. I thought that vehicle was pretty cool looking till you pointed out the danger side. Do these outside sleeping arrangements allow bedding down with camel spiders? Good to see post.

  2. Cool lookin' chrome stick-shift knob!