Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Reluctant Admiration

I'm not a big fan of bullfighting. Like most Americans, I find myself rooting for the bull. Plus, the deck is stacked against the bull. A whole cast of people (cuadrilla) wear him down with wounds and exhaustion before the matador ever steps into the ring. The two I've seen, the bull was already huffing a nasty foam of blood and sputum when the matador took his cape and swords into the arena.
Still, this video of a picador and his horse (Merlin), is simply amazing. I am always inspired by peak performance under duress, and this man and beast meld perfectly in their playing of the bull. I think, too, the rider probably gets short shrift, as it is the horse that catches the eye, looking like an NFL running back juking a tackle.
Once again, brazenly lifted from tgace.

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