Friday, October 31, 2008

Mongo Time

Okay, I opened up Mungadai Days IOT keep all the wives and family members of Mungadai informed during our deployment. Necessarily, it's a family-friendly blog; which pretty much means I won't let anyone publish a post with the word "fuck" in it. That's more of a challenge than one would think, with the Mungadai.

Anyway, since starting the initial blog a host of topics occurred that weren't really suitable for the Mungadai Days, partly because the wives and family would find them boring, partly because a significant percentage of the Mungadai would find them boring (hey sir, that's Officer Shit), and partly because some of said topics applied to me, personally, rather than the Mungadai in toto.

So this one is my personal rant space. The title comes from a) my Mongo call sign is a dimunitive of Mungadai, and b) Led Zeppelin's John Bonham drum solo, Bonzo's Montreaux, which always seems to be running through my head every time we roll outside the wire.

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